Counter Void  2003

This work of art is formed with huge 6 digital counter of neon light, which has 3m20cm height each. Digital counters keep counting from 9 to 1 and do not indicate '0'. And each digital counter's counting speed is different.

The wall is made with neon light as background of digital counters and it changes in day and night. In daytime, background's neon light is turned off and digital counters of white neon light are displayed. It turns over the scenery in nighttime. It displays black digital counters on background of white bright light.

This artwork shows contrast of 'Life' and 'Death', and it shows different face in day or night.

Tokyo is the city filled with too much life and Roppongi is center of it.Mass media is sending too much information and TV station is center of it.

Scene of Daytime

Roppongi Hills offers daytime show in Roppongi.Roppongi, where filled with too much life, the artwork will make it more.TV station, where is the base of broadcasting too many information. The artwork will paint over TV station with 'too much light', displays 'life' and 'light' and offers opportunity to think of 'Deeper Death'.

Scene of Nighttime

Originally, Roppongi is town of night and filled with desire even more than daytime.I dare to bring 'Death' to such night in Roppongi, bring 'Darkness' to the center of mass media. The artwork will create the black hole of 'Death' and 'Darkness', and offers opportunity to think of 'Deeper Life'.

Day and Night -The dynamism of Scene-Roppongi and artwork create drama of 'Death' and 'Life'. It keeps changing and continues to complete with feelings and thoughts of people passing by.

6 / 2003



Counter Void, 2003
Tatsuo Miyajima
Location : New building of headquarter of TV Asahi
Direction : Maki and Associates
Coordinate : Shiraishi Contemporary Art Inc.
Commissioned by TV Asahi