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Project Overview
“ENGI” - A new public art installation by Tatsuo Miyajima

For the opening of the Denver Art Museum’s new Frederic C. Hamilton Building, the City of Denver’s Office of Cultural Affairs has commissioned Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima to create a major piece of public art. The installation, “ENGI”, will become a permanent part of the Museum’s collection and it will be located throughout the stunning four-story atrium of the building.

“ENGI” is Miyajima’s most recent work and consists of 80 digital display LEDs, each within a mirror unit, set into the walls of the atrium. The LEDs will count from 1 to 9 or 9 to 1 continuously, each at its own speed.

On August 9th a “Time Setting Workshop” will be held at the Colorado Convention Center. 80 members of the community will each set the speed of one LED. We would like to invite you to assist Miyajima directly in setting the LEDs. This participation is a central concept of Miyajima’s “ENGI” and a once in a lifetime opportunity open to all residents of the Denver community.

Mirror LED
¢288mm x 15mm
The Workshop – giving "life" to “ENGI”

The “Time Setting Workshop” will be from 6-8pm on August 9th in the Colorado Convention Center. After a short lecture from the artist, and brief instructions from the volunteer staff, each of the 80 participants will select the rate of speed and direction of one of the 80 LED units. This very simple operation, just an adjustment to a small screw in the LED unit, is something that can be done by anyone age 5 and above.

Hoping to reflect the diverse backgrounds, ideas, and individuals that make up the Denver community, we welcome the participation of any Denver resident, regardless of race, class, or disability...

After the workshop the 80 LEDs, as set by the people of Denver, will be installed throughout the atrium and will begin counting. The LEDs, with their different colors and speeds, will figuratively display a microcosm of the City of Denver and its residents. Visitors stepping into the museum will encounter the work in the atrium, and simultaneously see their own figures and the building reflected in the mirrors.

By overlapping in this way, a resonance between the time setters and the visitors will emerge and echo within the new Frederic C. Hamilton Building, something that the building’s architect Daniel Libeskind describes in his concept as “NEXUS”.

For more information about the Daniel Liebskind and the design and construction of the Frederic C. Hamilton Building please visit "BUILDING OUTSIDE THE BOX" currently showing at the Denver Art Museum.

This “Time Setting Workshop” is an essential ceremonial event which will truly bring “life” to Miyajima’s vision. Your participation will complete “ENGI” and become a permanent piece of the Museum.

Time Setting Workshop, Naoshima, Japan, 1998

Image of installation view from 1F
How can you participate?

Participation in the workshop is easy and open to all. Simply complete and return an application to the artist. Participation is limited to 80 people and all applicants must attend the August 9th workshop.

A commemorative certificate of participation will be given out to all participants after the workshop. Please join us in creating “ENGI”.

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Angular exterior of the Denver Art Museum expansion. Photo by Jeff Wells
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